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Ani Difranco

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Difranco, Ani - Ani DiFranco Cover Art

Ani DiFranco - Recorded at Audio Magic, Buffalo, New York in September 1990. The self-titled 1990 debut by Ani DiFranco created a buzz in folk music circles unlike anything seen since Suzanne Vega's debut of five years earlier. That the album was self-produced and self-released on DiFranco's own Righteous Babe label, and that DiFranco was not yet 20 at the time, only added to the clamor. With her shaved head and tattoos, DiFranco looked tough and self-assured. But the beauty and emotional depth of this album come from the way assertive, almost angry songs like "Out of Habit" are counterbalanced with tender, less guarded songs like the apprehensively romantic "Both Hands." DiFranco's searing social commentary is particularly corrosive in the emotional "Lost Woman Song." Recorded with one acoustic guitar and occasional percussion, the album sounds intimate but never skeletal. This second CD pressing contains one extra track, the stark "Letting the Telephone Ring.

Ani Difranco CD's
Ani DiFranco (1990) 4.5 stars Audio Samples
Dilate 2 Additional Tracks
Dilate (1996) 5 stars Audio Samples
Educated Guess (2004) Audio Samples
Evolve (2003) 2.5 stars Audio Samples
Imperfectly (1992) Audio Samples
Like I Said (Songs 1990-91) (1993) 4.5 stars Audio Samples
Little Plastic Castle (1998) 5 stars Audio Samples
Living In Clip (1997) 5 stars Audio Samples
Not A Pretty Girl (1995) 4 stars Audio Samples
Not So Soft (1991) Audio Samples
Out Of Range (1994) Audio Samples
Puddle Dive (1993) Audio Samples
Revelling Reckoning (2001) 3.5 stars Audio Samples
So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter (2002) 4.4 stars Audio Samples
Swing Set (2000) EP Audio Samples
To The Teeth (1999) Audio Samples
Up Up Up Up Up Up (1999) 3 stars Audio Samples
Dilate Japan +1 Bonus Track
Dilate Japan +1 Bonus Track
Educated Guess Japan +1 Bonus Track
Educated Guess + Bonus Japan
Evolve 1 Additional Tracks; Japan 5 stars
Living In Clip Japan
Not A Pretty Girl Japan +1 Bonus Track
Up Up Up Up Up
Up Up Up Up Up Japan +1 Bonus Track
Difranco, Ani / Philips, Utah
  Fellow Workers Japan +1 Bonus Track
More Joy, Less Shame (1996) EP Audio Samples
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