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Hall & Oates CDs - Hall and Oates Cd's

Our Kind of Soul - New CD by Hall & Oats

Abandoned Luncheonette (1973)  Audio Samples
Artist Collection
Atlantic Collection (1996) Audio Samples
Back In Love Again (2001) Audio Samples
Big Bam Boom (1984)  Audio Samples
Big Bam Boom (1984) Remastered  Audio Samples
Change Of Season (1990)  Audio Samples
Daryl Hall & John Oates (1975) Remastered Audio Samples
Do It For Love
Do It For Love (2003)  Audio Samples
Extended Versions Audio Samples
Forever Gold: Hall & Oates (2003)  Audio Samples
Gold Collection (2004) Audio Samples
Greatest Hits Live (2001)  Audio Samples
Greatest Hits: Rock 'N' Soul, Part 1 (1983)  Audio Samples
H2o (1982) England; Remastered Audio Samples
Hall & Oates (1999)
If That's What Makes You Happy (2003)
Livetime (Jpn LP Sleeve)
Ooh Yeah! (1988)  Audio Samples
Our Kind Of Soul (2004)   Audio Samples
Philly Years: Collector's Edition (2004)
Private Eyes (1981) England; Remastered Audio Samples
Private Eyes
Pure Classics (2000) Audio Samples
RCA 100th Anniversary Series: Daryl Hall & John Oates-The Ballads Collection (2001)  Audio Samples
She's Gone (2004)
She's Gone And Other Hits (1997)
Ultimate Daryl Hall + John Oates (2004) Remastered  Audio Samples
Very Best Of Daryl Hall & John Oates (2001)  Audio Samples
VH1 Music First: Behind The Music-The Daryl Hall John Oates Collection (2002)  Audio Samples
Voices (RCA) (1980) Remastered  Audio Samples
X-Static (1979) Remastered  Audio Samples

Best Of Musikladen

12 Inch Collection  Japan
12 Inch Collection V.2  Japan
Along The Red Ledge (Jpn LP Sleeve)  Japan
Arista Heritage Series (1999) Germany  Audio Samples
Artist Collection: Hall & Oates  CHN
Beauty On A Back Street (Jpn LP Sleeve)  Japan
Best Of  Australia
Best Of Times  Japan
Big Bam Boom (Jpn LP Sleeve)  Japan
Bigger Than Both Of Us (Jpn LP Sleeve)  Japan
Change Of Season (Jpn LP Sleeve)  Japan
Collection  Australia
Collection  England
Complete Best  Japan
Daryl Hall & John Oates (Jpn LP Sleeve)  Japan +1 Bonus Track
Do It For Love  Japan +1 Bonus Track
Do It For Love  CHN +1 Bonus Track
Early Years  Australia
Ecstasy On The Edge (2001) England
Essential Collection  Germany
H2o (Jpn LP Sleeve)  Japan
Legendary  Australia
Lengendary  Import
Live In Concert  USA + Bonus DVD
Livetime (Jpn LP Sleeve)  Japan
Looking Back: Best Of  England
Love Songs  Australia
Marigold Sky  Germany +1 Bonus Track
Marigold Sky
Ooh Yeah  Japan
Ooh Yeah!  Japan; Remastered; Paper-Sleeve
Our Kind Of Soul  Japan +1 Bonus Track
Rich Girl  Australia
Rich Girl:Best Of Hall & Oates  Import
Rock N Soul Part 1 (Jpn LP Sleeve)  Japan
Someday We'll Know  Japan
Starting All Over Again: Best Of (Remastered)  Australia
Very Best Of  Import; Remastered
Very Best Of
Voices (Jpn LP Sleeve)  Japan
X-Static  Japan; Remastered; Paper-Sleeve
Do It For Love

I'll Be Around  England
I'll Be Around
Man On A Missio
Man On A Mission  Japan

Early Years  Cassette