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Thin Lizzy

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Thin Lizzy - Boys Are Back In Town : Thin Lizzy Cover Art
Boys Are Back In Town : Thin Lizzy - DVD

Thin Lizzy CD's
Bad Reputation (1977) 4 stars Audio Samples
Black Rose (1979) 4 stars
Chinatown (1980)
Dedication: The Very Best Of Thin Lizzy (1991) 4.5 stars Audio Samples
Extended Versions (2001) 1 stars
Extended Versions
Fighting (1975) 4.5 stars Audio Samples
Jailbreak (1976) 5 stars Audio Samples
Johnny The Fox (1976) Audio Samples
Life-Live (1983)
Live And Dangerous (1978) 5 stars Audio Samples
Night Life (1974) 4 stars Audio Samples
One Night Only (2000) Audio Samples
Remembering Part 1 Audio Samples
Renegade (1982) Remastered 4 stars Audio Samples
Thin Lizzy (1970) 4 stars Audio Samples
Thunder And Lightning (1983) Remastered 5 stars Audio Samples
Vagabonds Of The Western World (1973) 5 stars
Boys Are Back In Town : Thin Lizzy 3 stars
Bad Reputation Remastered
Bad Reputation (Limited) Japan; Paper-Sleeve
Black Rose Import
Black Rose (Limited) Japan; Paper-Sleeve
Boys Are Back In Town France
Boys Are Back In Town Limited Edition
Boys Are Back In Town: Live In Australia 5 stars
Fighting Remastered
Hero & The Madman England
Jailbreak Remastered 5 stars
Jailbreak (Limited) Japan; Paper-Sleeve
Japanese Compilation Album Japan
Johnny The Fox Remastered
Johnny The Fox (Limited) Japan; Paper-Sleeve
Last Live Japan
Life Live Japan
Life Live (Remastered) Germany 5 stars
Live And Dangerous Australia; Remastered 5 stars
Live And Dangerous (Limited) Japan; Paper-Sleeve
Renegade Germany 4 stars
Thunder & Lightning Germany 4 stars
Thunder And Lightning
Universal Masters Collection Germany
Vagabonds Kings Warriors Angels Japan
Vagabonds Kings Warriors... 3.5 stars
Whiskey In The Jar Australia
Whiskey In The Jar Germany 5 stars
Wild One - The Very Best Of Australia
Wild One-Very Best Of Japan +Bonus Tracks
Tribute To Philip Parris Lynott (2002) Sweden 5 stars
Tribute To Thin Lizzy: Killers On Loose
Jailbreak (1976) Audio Samples
One Night Only
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Thin Lizzy Videos and Thin Lizzy DVDs


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